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You're About To Possess The World's Most Powerful Info Product Secrets That The 'Gurus' Want Hidden From You Forever!

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 What is the difference between a Reseller and a Affiliate? A reseller is someone that bought the "Make My Day Rich" e-book. As a reseller you would get your own domain name and website and you have the right to resell the e-book and pocket 100% of the $39.95 commission. You could also resell the basic course if you bought the basic course. If you bought the deluxe course you could then resell both the basic and the deluxe courses. You would make $150.00 on the basic course and $300.00 on the deluxe course. NOTE: If you bought the basic course and someone bought the deluxe course from your website you would not get a commission. It pays to buy the deluxe course since only two sales on your behalf will pay for your entire deluxe course. Think of it as buying a license to do business.

As a reseller you are permitted to copy the entire MakeMyDay.com website and paste it into your own website. You would need to set up your own shopping cart for your orders. Your customers would order from your site. When you get a sale of the e-book again you keep 100% of the commission. If you get a sale of the basic or deluxe course you would send us 50% of the money plus shipping and we would handle the fulfillment.

As an affiliate you would join the affiliate program on the ameraway.com website. The commission schedule is different in that we pay on two levels. You can't sell the deluxe course as an affiliate.

 How much money can I make? That really depends on what you want to do. Some students might want to make an extra $30,000 a year. Others may want to go all the way. Your commission will vary depending on how you resell the courses. When you bought the e-book "Make My Day Rich you will get to keep 100% of the $39.95 price. This also entitles you to be a reseller of the other courses. If you purchased the basic course which sells for $299.95, and resell that course  you will receive a $150.00 commission. If you bought the deluxe course for $599.90 you can resell both courses, and the deluxe course earns you $300.00. Here's is how it works. You must make the sale on your own website and we will drop ship the course for you and handle the support for you. You must charge for shipping and handling which is $18.00 USA, $23.00 Canada and $59.00 for the rest of the world. When you make a sale you would send us a check for 50% of the cost of the course, plus shipping. If there needs to be a refund shipping costs are not refundable. By the way you need to set up your own refund policy.

Now not to confuse you, but we also have an affiliate program with the Creating Millionaires Out of Thin Air course. If you join the affiliate program you have the right to sell our Internet or our real estate course. The deluxe course cannot be sold as an affiliate. It can only be sold through your Make My Day Rich site. I would recommend that you concentrate on your reseller program rather than the affiliate program because you make more money on your own sales.

However if you join the affiliate program as a sideline the commissions are different as we pay 50% over two levels. You will receive $100.00 per sale and you will also receive an overwrite on their sales. If you sold only 20 courses per month that works out to about $24,000 per year part time and these commissions are on just on your sales. Remember as an affiliate who purchased the course you will also get a $50.00 overwrite on all your affiliate sales. This alone could earn you thousands more. This is a great business to start from your home. Like I said I started from scratch and have made as much as $20,000 in just one month with only one product. Not too bad for someone that never finished college. Getting started and seeing a profit is the most important part.            

 More about our program: With the "Make My Day Rich" course you would need to have your own website to resell the basic and deluxe courses. Collect the money for each sale and send your 50% part to AmeraDream. If you are also an affiliate you would get a free website for three months and the cost would be $29.95 per month after that. As an affiliate you could sell the Internet course offered through Ameraway.com and the real estate course offered through AmeraDream.com. The "Creating Millionaires Out Of Thin Air manual is unlike anything you have ever seen. You will learn how to create your own products while your making money selling my courses.

 Why is the cost so cheap? This is a tremendous value for such a low investment. You can live the good life, or you can dream about it. It's up to you. At $39.95 for the e-book not only will you learn a lot but you can start to resell the course. Think about it if you only sell two books a day you would make about $2,500 a month. You have nothing to lose by trying. Many Internet programs are marked up by hundreds or more to cover marketing costs, advertising, infomercial costs and other expenses. YOU pay for all of that when you buy their program. MakemydayRICH.com, AmeraDream Corporation, Ameraway.com, Homemillions.com,  offers their programs direct to you. We don't spend money on infomercial's, or marketing experts. So our costs are much lower, and where others pass on costs to you, we pass on savings.

 What's my ID #? You only would get an ID # if you are an affiliate. Resellers do not get an ID#. If you are an affiliate as well and you provided us with an e-mail address when you purchased your Internet course and filled out the affiliate form, then your Website address has been e-mailed to that address. But before we can do that you need to fill out the affiliate form in order to get the proper links that we will put on your website.The subject line of that e-mail was “Your website has been successfully created!.” Remember if you are an affiliate and get the website it will cost you $29.95 per month after three months.

 I lost my Website address, how do I get it again? If you are an affiliate, when you get your Website address it’s a good idea to print it out, as well as bookmark it, so it will always be available. However, if you can't find it, go to your e-mail In Box, and look for the e-mail from Jan  with the title "Your website has been successfully created!".

 My e-mail may change? If your e-mail, address/phone #/fax #/business address is going to be changing, and you want to update your Website, you should E-mail any contact information changes to us at Jangaudina@aol.com and please include "Contact information change" in the subject line. We'll change your contact information up to two times a year, but no more. (We had people in the past who were changing their information once a week, taking time away from other Members and abusing this service. Because of their disregard for their fellow members, we had to put a limit on this service. We even had to dis-enroll a few members who continued to abuse this service, even after we informed them of the limit.)

 Will This Work Where I Live? The MakeMy DayRICH e-book is downloable and anyone you sell to will be able to access it. The great thing about the Internet is that it's worldwide and no one is limited by location. This is especially true of information products or drop ship companies that will let you sell their products like us. It is because of this world wide concept that we recommend getting involved with informational products that can be down loaded online. The  techniques detailed in the basic and deluxe course will work anywhere in the world. All you need is an computer and you can actually make the program work even if you did not have one.

 Is this a 'Get-Rich-Quick' thing? If you are looking to get rich quick and easy, you're wasting your time here. Not because this program is not capable of earning you a lot of money relatively quickly (it is), but because the "Get-Rich-Quick" mentality is not a healthy attitude to have in real estate, or any other legitimate career. If you apply yourself and it happens, fine. But if a person's main concern is "money fast and money easy", that person is simply not the type to invest the effort and care required when dealing with buyers and sellers. Our program is designed to help you to achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be, within a reasonable time frame.

 What if the economy sours? This is what really sets our program apart. Our techniques are not affected by economic changes, nor are your profits. Lets face it people are looking for ways to make money in  a "down" economy. Our courses teach people how to make money no matter what the economy is.

 I'm in debt and I don't have any money: That's why you need this program. I'm confident that this is the greatest moneymaker of all times. I took my best and proven ideas and formulated the MakeMyDayRICH.com program. You can start this business at anytime almost anywhere, and you will have the potential of making all the money you'll ever need or want by helping others make money.

 Can't I get this info somewhere else? Sure many people offer Internet Marketing information, but very few of them offer one-on-one mentoring. That is really what makes the our program and our Mentoring so unique. What we are really offering is a short cut to a great business that you can do and start today if you wish.

 How do I know if this is legitimate? AmeraDream Corporation, is a respected member of the business community. We have been in business for more than fifteen years. We adhere to the ethical standards of the Better Business Bureau and promote a strict code of ethics with respect to using our Internet program.
 Is the order form on my Website “secure”?
It should be as you will be setting that up yourself.

 Can I get a different name? I want my Website to have a snazzy Web address, like www.SmartMarketing.com. How do I set that up? First of all, as a reseller you will be picking your own name.  As an affiliate I think Homemillions.com/yourname is better but you can redirect any domain name to your existing site. Visit my favorite FREE redirection service at www.mydomains.com. However, no customer service from us will be provided with this service. If you have problems or questions please direct them to mydomains.com customer service.

 Do you have lots of backend products? No. Most people are surprised at how few backend products we actually have. We currently have a course that teaches people on how to be a real estate Investor which I might add is a great way to make money using the "Help Program". Another one we recommend is a course making money offering an informational marketing bootcamp. I'm also planning on developing a program for the stock market.

 Can I host the Website with others? Yes, but we only recommend this if you are an experienced Webmaster, know HTML, and understand Java script. You may request your Website files by e-mailing your request to: ameradream@aol.com but you will have to know how to open them, and set them up on your own server. If any of this is confusing to you, don't download the files. Note: no customer service from us will be provided with this service.
 Can I make changes to the Website? As a reseller you can make any changes you may want. But why would you. We have a winning site that will pull in orders. You may make graphical and format changes to the Website if you are hosting it yourself. Don't attempt this if you are not a serious Webmaster. You may not make any changes to the sales copy (words in the sales material). Also, from a marketing point of view, we do NOT recommend making any changes. We have extensively tested this site to get it where it is, and we have found the current version to be the most profitable. If it ain’t broke, don't fix it -- spend your time marketing and making money, not playing graphic designer.
 Can I make changes to the sales letter? I wouldn't recommend it as it works fine as it is.

 What if we want our Website modified? As a reseller on your own website you can do as you wish. As an affiliate, you can't change the copy only we can. If you're a Webmaster, and have HTML experience you can host it yourself, and make graphical changes. However, we don't recommend it -- the Website works fine as it is, and you should be spending your time marketing.

 Can I link Websites together? Yes, if you are an experienced Webmaster. From a marketing point of view we do NOT recommend this -- if you link sites together, it gives your prospect the chance to look at another site when they may have been ready to buy from you, costing you a sale.
 I can't find my Website in the search engines….. what happened? When a Website is set up, it does not automatically go into the search engines. Now as an affiliate, you may be going to a search engine and typing in the Website address we e-mailed you and trying to see it that way. To view your Website, click on the link in the e-mail I sent you giving you your Website address, or type in your Website address in your Web browser. For strategies on getting listed in search engines, refer to your Manual.
 I do not want my name, address and/or phone number on my site….. what should I do? I'd recommend using a business name, and getting a mailbox at a Mail Boxes, Etc. You can also get a local voice-mail only phone # . Then you can use those on your Website without people having your contact information. One company I have used for years is Segway Communications at 1-800-347-2861. They charge about 9.00 per month and will give you a local number. If you call them please tell them AmeraDream Corporation referred you.

 How does this work with the merchant account? Your information says I get one 99% approved. Beware of the companies that will tell you that they will get you a FREE Merchant Account are usually two ways you can get a Merchant Account. Pay a small set-up fee and have the flexibility of canceling it if you wish or pay no fee and be tied into a very long term non-cancelable lease that could cost you $2,000 or more. For all the details contact AmeraDream Corporation.

 Do I need to use a merchant account? YES you do as a reseller. I recommend 2checkout.com. You can get started for as little as $49.00. You can go to their site at:  http://www.2checkout.com/community. As an affiliate you don't need to as long as we process your orders. Credit cards are truly the “currency of the Internet” and if you're serious about running a successful online business you should get set up to take credit cards. Although we do get people who send us checks and money orders (they print out the online order form and mail it to us), the vast majority of our orders are credit card orders.

 How do I know about sales? As a reseller with your own website you will know immediately. If the order is for the e-book you do nothing but collect the money. You keep 100% of the sale. If a sale is for either the basic course you send us 50% of the money and we will ship out the courses. Remember however in order to make money on the basic course you must have ordered the basic course your self. The same is true for the deluxe course.

As an Affiliate when you make a sale from the website we provided the order will go to our shopping cart and we will send you the order information to the e-mail address you provided us. Sometimes your prospects will fax their order or some will even print out the order form and mail it to us with a money order!

 How do I track my statistics? As a reseller you'll know exactly how many orders you'll get because when someone orders, the order is e-mailed to you. As a affiliate the same is true. We do not provide statistic counters on the site.

 How do I get paid on each sale? As a reseller you will have your own credit card processing and will be paid direct. I recommend you use 2checkout.com at: http://www.2checkout.com/community. If you are an affiliate for us and if your using our credit card processing you do nothing. Just wait for your check which is paid monthly on the 17th of each month. If you have your own Merchant Account, whenever you get an order, you charge the credit card, or deposit the check or money order in your bank. If you're not set up to take credit cards, and would like your Website to charge the credit card for you, contact AmeraDream Corporation for information on setting up your own credit card processing.

 How will you notify me when an order comes in? As a reseller we don't. You will process your own orders. As an affiliate it also depends on if you have your own Merchant Account. When someone orders from your Website, that order will be e-mailed to you, or if they pay with a check or money order, they'll mail it to you unless we are doing the processing for you.

 If I receive an order directly, how do I pay for it and get it sent out? As a reseller you will be receiving your orders direct. As an affiliate they will go through our website.

 Do I get one big commission check monthly? Again that depends on who is doing your credit card processing. As a reseller you will collect the money as it comes in. As an affiliate we will send you your check monthly.

 Where do I find the sales material? The MakeMyDayRICH site comes with all the sales material on it. When you bought the e-book you are able to resell it on your own website.

 How do I get people to my Website? The e-book has information on how to do this. If you buy the basic course called "Creating Millionaires Out Of Thin Air" there is a whole chapter on that subject and there are many proven marketing techniques you should learn.

 What are the products you offer? We offer many products you can resell. But to be successful you should have your own website and know how to get traffic to your site. We publish the e-book called "Make My Day Rich" which is a mini course on how to run and set up an Internet Marketing site. When you purchase this e-book you will have the right to resell this e-book and receive 100% of the commission. We also offer a basic and an deluxe course that you will also be able to resell and receive a 50% commission. You also will have the right to copy the entire Makemydayrick.com website with the purchase of the e-book. This way you don't need to start from scratch. You will have your own online business immediately. If your interested in reselling the other two courses you will find information and ordering links in chapter six of the e-book.

 Should I add the Mentoring?That's up to you. Some people like one-on-one help. Some people don't care and don't want to pay for it. It's really a personal decision. I am going to leave that up to you. The Mentoring for $340.00 for twelve months is a great deal if you want it. Like I said before I have charged as much as $500 for one hour of consulting.  Your mentoring price will never go up if you order it with the package.

 How much money will it take to get started? You can get started with ZERO cash if you need to after you have purchased this course. You can make a lot of money with Joint Ventures and affiliate programs.

 I have more questions about this program where can I get more help? One reason may be because your question is answered in your Manual, or here on the FAQ. We want to provide the best service possible for our resellers and our affiliates, so we can't waste time with people who are asking questions that have been answered in the material. If you have a question about purchasing this program you can call 303-575-1145 10am to 3pm Monday through Fridays. Now, you may get voice mail when you call if we are on the phone with someone else. Please leave your name, phone #, fax # and e-mail address, and a detailed message with a good time to call you back. If the question can be answered via fax or e-mail, we'll get back to you that way. Otherwise, we'll call you back usually within 48 to 72 hours. The best way to contact us is via fax at (303) 484-4595-- fax questions are given priority, as we can sit down and answer all of them at once.

 What kind of guarantee do you offer? The e-book has a 90 day guarantee. On the other courses that are ordered from us and not through a reseller we Will Back Everything Up With A Double Iron-Clad Guarantee: Two guarantees, not one. First, get your Manual and your free Bonuses, review the entire Program and listen to the tapes for up to 30 days. Implement the program to try it out. We do require you try out the program. Just reading the materials doesn't count. If it doesn't work simply let us know. After you get your (RMA) number you can return everything, and we'll refund every penny of your investment (less shipping, handling, and 22% restocking. Flex pay premium if used and mentoring will also be deducted. You get a 30 day PEEK for trying the program.

Second, I'll even guarantee you're going to make  FIFTY TIMES YOUR COST of the manual called, "Creating Millionaires Out Of Thin Air", IN THE FIRST 12 MONTHS ALONE! (That’s at least $14,995.00!!!) or I'll double what you paid for it, (mentoring excluded). If, after months of working this program, you haven't made at least 100 times what you paid for it, simply send me the daily forms, the book, tapes, and software in re-saleable condition and I'll double what you paid for it, it's that's simple even  after a FULL ONE-YEAR TRIAL!!!

 How do refunds work? That depends on the situation. As a reseller and for someone who bought this program from you, you handle the refund per your warrantee. The good news is, the refunds on this product are very, very low. However, you may get one or two occasionally when you sell a lot of this product. It’s just part of the business, and we don't like refunds anymore than you do. However, if you do get a refund and you are doing the credit card processing, give your customer their money back, and have them return the product to you. Then, next time you get an order, just send out the returned product (assuming it’s in excellent shape and saleable), and keep all the money on that sale. Sometimes you'll find a customer who requests a refund will turn around and order something else from you if you refund them promptly.

 How many sales do I need to start making money? Two to three.

 Can I earn $5,000.00 a month? That really depends how many courses you sell each month and how you sell them. You should earn more. But yes that is possible. Whether you sell them via direct mail, on the Internet, space ads, etc., and what else you have to sell your customers. Many customers will turn around and purchase another product as soon as they buy the first one, so it’s a good idea to have as many products as possible to sell.

 How else do you help me? You can receive as many as 20 bonuses with the basic and deluxe courses.

 Can the License be shared? No. The license is granted only to you. When you purchase the e-book it comes with a license to resell. If you have a friend or partner  -- they need to buy their own, but you can certainly sell them one. However, you can let them work with you, and you can pay them a share of the profits. For more information read the section on Joint Venture marketing in your Manuals.

 My CD doesn't work or is broken.  You don't get a CD with the e-book as it is downloable. If you purchase the basic or the deluxe course and get a bad CD contact the office, or, fax us at (303) 484-4595.
 Is a computer necessary to get started? I would not want to run this business without one. However, if you don't have one, you can go to Kinko’s or your local library for a nominal hourly fee.
 Will the License be valid for a corporation? Yes. For more information about incorporating, click here: http://www.corporate.com/affiliate.jsp?3671

 How does the Flex pay work? Flexpay is not always offered on all our courses. But if it is as an example, we charge the first payment and shipping charges on your card when you order. The second payment is either charged on the 1st of 15th of the next month (depending on when you ordered). The third payment is 30 days from the second.  There is also a $20.00 per month for three months set up fee to charge your card in this manner that is non-refundable.

 Do you have express shipping? No we don't. Our average customer gets their material in about 8 days. The e-book is downloadable right away.

 How do you ship the package? On our hard courses we send our US orders via Insured Priority Mail. Foreign orders go Air Mail. We do not ship ground to foreign countries. That could take months for people in Asia to see their package.

 Is it safe to order using my credit card? You don't need to worry.  It is actually much safer than using cash, checks or anything else.

 How do I get an e-mail address set up? I would surely hope you have one by now. You can go to www.hotmail.com, www.yahoo.com and set up a free e-mail address there.

 What kind of on-going support do I get?
If you purchased Mentoring then for any customer service related questions, phones are answered live from 10am to 3pm Mountain Time on Monday through Thursdays. You may also fax us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (303) 484-4595. If you have any marketing related topics, or questions, fax them to us, and we'll address them.

 What about technical questions? No, we do not provide answers to technical questions. If you are having a technical problem, purely with the site we created for you, send an e-mail to: ameradream@aol.com with an explanation of your problem. Do not e-mail any other type of questions here, as they will not be answered. Anyone who abuses this rule by sending non-relevant questions to this e-mail address will be dis-enrolled at once.

 Can you modify My Web pages? No, we do NOT modify your Web pages. As a reseller if we make any changes to the website we will notify you. You would be wise to spend your time marketing, not playing around with your Website if you don't know what you are doing. Marketing makes money, modifying your site does not.

 Can I get masters of your products? If you purchased the e-book you get the master. On the other courses we will not offer the masters to anyone.

 What's my password? If you require a password, it’s been e-mailed to you. If it hasn't, then you don't need a password.

 What's the turnaround time if I place an order for my customer? That depends on many variables, such as where you live, and when you send us the order. If you use our Credit Card processing the order is usually shipped out within three days Priority Mail. If you use your Credit Card processing If you send us an order at 7:PM on Friday, that order won't get processed until Monday, and then it will probably go out on  Wednesday. The Post Office usually takes 2 to 4 days to deliver depending on where the shipping address is in the country. If you send us an order on Monday morning, it'll get processed by the end of the day, and the package will be shipped via the Post Office on Wednesday. Then it just depends on where in the country they live. They could get it the next day, or in seven days. If you have provided us with an e-mail address for your customer, then we will notify them via e-mail when their product is shipped. If they ask they will get a tracking number. So, your customer will know the product is on its way.

 What if I have further questions? If, after reading all the answers to these questions, you still have more, you can e-mail us at: ameradream@aol.com. Be sure to put, “I've read the FAQ, but still have questions” in the subject line. Include your e-mail address and phone number. We'll get back to you via e-mail, usually (but not always) within 48 hours. If it’s a great question we'll call you, and add it to the FAQ. If it’s a question that’s been answered in the FAQ, you'll get an e-mail telling you to re-read the FAQ. Please respect the time of your fellow Members. Our time is best spent finding new ways to make money, and then telling you about them in our E-mails to you.

 Why do you charge for the website after 3 months? This is if you are an affiliate and have us give you a website. The website is FREE for three months. After that we charge you $29.95 per month for hosting and maintenance. Now I realize that you can buy your own hosting from $10.00 to $30.00 per month elsewhere. What is important to note here is the maintenance we provide. What we will allow you to do is to add links to your site to sell other programs that you may be an affiliate for. This feature in itself can be worth thousands to you. As an example I have a link on my  AmeraDream site that links to a currency exchange program. I made over $15,000 in less than one year on that link alone.

 Why are you selling this information? The more resellers and affiliates we have selling our products the more money we make as well.

 Testimonials & Letters. I've known Jan Gaudina for many years. I first met him in 1986. At that time he was managing over 140 homes that he personally had purchased. He taught me the principles of his real estate program at that time which I used to purchase real estate. I haven't found an easier more profitable real estate program around. You can be a beginner in this field and learn more than most investors already know.

A couple of years ago he created a program on the Internet to sell his information about real estate investing. In just a short time he has sold hundreds of courses for $300 to $700 all over the world. I'm amazed how the money keeps coming in. Just like a Magic Money Machine. To top it off his students that work his program do make money, and a lot of it.

Now he has the Internet course to teach others on how to have a home based business on the Internet. What's amazing is that he is giving out a FREE License to all the new students that buy his course the right to resell the Internet as well as the real estate course. His new course is called "Creating Millionaires Out Of Thin Air" and I truly believe he will create a lot of them over the years.
Lee M, Colorado

 What do I have to lose? Nothing. We have a 30 day guarantee plus a Double Your Money Back 365 day guarantee. If you don't order the manual you might miss out on a opportunity to change your life. A life of freedom, money, and prestige.

 About the Author.. The primary author of "Get Rich By Helping Others, The Ultimate Money Machine" and "Creating Millionaires Out Of Thin Air" is Jan Gaudina. I began investing in Real Estate in 1979 and purchased over 140 homes during a eight year period. I am still actively looking for properties. I have owned companies which were involved in Real Estate Investing, Stock Brokerage Investing, Film & Movie Production, Insurance & Mortgage Brokerage to name a few. I started  AmeraDream Corporation in 1989. AmeraDream stands for the “American Dream”. My primary goal now is to work with people like you, one on one to teach you how to make money working from their home as I do.

In 2003, The Business Advisory Council in Washington DC recognized the top Business Leaders in the United States and I was awarded the 2003 Businessman of the Year Award.

My new course "Creating Millionaires Out Of Thin Air" is a new program that can teach anyone how to have a successful Internet business from their own home. It took me a few years to learn this business by trial and error. Now you have a complete business in a box created for you. You have your own website with two great products, credit card processing, a shopping cart, and a fulfillment center to ship out the products. This truly is a great opportunity.