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Legal Statement
Legal Statement

This site is provided to the public  for information purposes only and we assume no liability for any relationships with persons or companies with links to or from the AmeraDream Publishing Site.  We are required (by law) to point out that the incomes claims made are not typical of all users results. You may make more or less. The end results are a combination of your own efforts.

Any income claims from sites we suggest or recommend are strictly an estimate by the owner of possible income by maximum effort of the individual. There is never a "guarantee" either stated or implied by AmeraDream Corporation or Jan H. Gaudina or the owner of any site linked to.

 The material presented is under copyright and all rights are reserved.

If you do not understand the meaning of any of the following statements, please send an e-mail with any question you may have to  sales @ ameradream.com. All claims or representations made are to considered exceptional results by talented individuals who actually use the information, not the average result of anyone who buy the product.

This applies especially to those who buy the product but do not read it, apply it or follow directions only partly. I do not guarantee nor even imply that you will duplicate results of any of the information provided.

Anywhere I might cite dollar amounts or marketing results made by people weather I know them or not I have not conformed those figures nor do I have any way of doing so since these businesses are usually private.

If I quote a statistic on information based on third party information does not necessary mean I have conformed that information in my business or the businesses of my customers do not in any way make any claims about the amount of time it will take someone to learn and implement any of the information provided. It may take you longer than others.

If someone has provided a testimonial about our business and what they have accomplished using our program does not imply or mean that you will do the same. You may do worse or better.

The "Make My Day RICH" and all the content on this site are copyrighted  1991 - 2007 by AmeraDream Corporation. You cannot copy anything on this site without written and notarized permission from AmeraDream Corporation. We reserve the right to change any or all of the content of this site including but not limited to our products, offers, guarantees and content at any time.

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