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Successful Internet Marketers
Average People Are Starting An Internet Business With All Kinds Of Ideas!
In September 2004 I was fortunate to attend a seminar put on my one of my mentors Corey Rudl. Approximately 1,200 people were there to learn how to start or manage an Internet business. I met several people and heard testimonials from average people just like you who had already achieved success on the Internet all with very different business ideas. If you have a passion for something you can turn that passion into cash if you know how to do it. Here are some of the business ideas of some of the people I talked with or heard about:

MUSIC: This is a young man who is about 20 years old and from the inner city of LA,  had an idea about teaching music online and claims he had $1,100 in sales his first day after launching his site. He claims he made $200,000 in 2003 and will make up to $800,000 this year.
VIDEO: I met this lady who is from Australia and she told me she started selling video cameras online 4 years ago as a one woman business. Her sales this year should exceed Five Million dollars.
FIREWORKS: What an explosive idea. This interesting man is in the fireworks business. He said he started his business and website with only $340.00, and turned that into a Million dollars in 2004.
HOME DECORATING: This  59 year old grandmother stated she was working as a consultant when she decided to take the plunge and start an Internet business doing what she loves the most, giving home decorating tips! She claims her web site earns as much as $8,500.00 per month , and she only works less than an hour a day!
DAY TRADING:  This man had the idea of teaching the fundamentals of Day Trading. He claims he has made close to one million dollars in five years or about $200,000 yearly.
FAMOUS PEOPLE: This young man in his 20's lives in California and had the idea of setting up a data base of famous people. He has a subscription based website and he claims he earns about $500,000 a year.
BABY ITEMS: This lady decided to build a website to sell homemade baby blankets. She claims her site will earn her about $100,000 this year.
RECIPES: This man had a cooking hobby and decided to set up a website selling southern soul food cooking ideas. He claims he earns about $150,000 a year almost hands free.
VIDEO GAMES: This young man loves to play video games, so much he decided to set up a website teaching other people how to play video games. He claims he only works about 14 hours a week and made $187,000 last year.
JEWELRY: This man expanded his wire jewelry business into three websites that generates an income of about $75,000 per month. That is close to one million dollars a year out of his home office.
AUTOGRAPHS: Like to collect autographs? This young man who is in his 20's turned his hobby of autograph collecting into a full time business that's now earning him over $200,000 a year he claims.
MUSIC: This man's passion for music setup a web site that teaches people how to play the guitar. This 23-year-old  claims he made about $200,000 last year from his spare bedroom, and he only works 2 hours per day.
YOGA: This man claims he made over $113,000  last year only working less than 4 hours per day with most of his income profit. He claims he is now up to about $15,000 a month with his yoga website.
REAL ESTATE: This couple started their first site to promote real estate investment services. They claim they've grown their sites to earn an average of $30,000 a month in licensing fees and $5,700 a month in residual income.
TRUCK PARTS: This man sells truck accessories on his website and after one year he claims he's the number one distributor for his product making about $200,000 a year in pure profit.
AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: This lady had no product of her own so she started out selling other people's products on the Internet as an affiliate. She claims she earns between $30,000 to $50,000 per month all from one simple web site.
SCUBA GEAR: This man had a passion for scuba diving. Using some unique innovations he claims he turned that passion into a $2.5 million Internet business.
This guy is a work at home dad and last year he claims his web site made over $2.5 Million Dollars in online sales! His best month to date was over $263,000.00 in sales.
WATER GARDENS: This 60 year old man started his online business from South Africa and has a passion for Water Garden's as I do. Today he has many websites that he claims make him well over $100,000 per year.
BED & BREAKFAST: This lady started her Internet business when she lost her job at the age of 50. She started a bed & breakfast on the Big Island of Hawaii using the Internet to attract people. She has no employees other than herself and she claims she makes about $12,000 a month with about 70% profit.
SALES TRAINING: This man said that within four weeks of starting his first web site, he was able to quit his day job! He claims his web sites have made more than $120,000 in a  6 month period.
FITNESS: This man is in the fitness business and only works part-time on his fitness web site about 20 hours a week. He claims he made over $60,000 last year with about 90% profit.
ORGANIZER: This gal is a ambitious woman who has a talent as a personal organizer. She set up her own web site that provides people with the tools and information they need to organize their homes and offices. She claims her income last year was about $375,000 with about 60% profit.
SPORTS: This man had been a loan officer for an auto finance company. In 2000, he decided to start an online business selling autographed sports memorabilia and claims he has built that business into $2 Million dollars a year.
DANCE INSTRUCTION: This man is a dance instructors in Canada and claims his business really took off after setting up a website which he claims turned his offline dance business into about $10,000 a month profit-working 15 hours a week.
WRITING SERVICES: This man loves to write and has traded a government job into running his own highly profitable online business, providing writing services to the general public. He is also he author of nine "how to" eBooks on writing effectively, and claims he's will make more than $75,000 this year.
PERSONAL TRAINER: This gal has a passion for keeping fit and is a health and fitness advisor and personal trainer. She took her offline business online with her own website in 2004. and  claims  she made about $75,000.
INFORMATION & AFFILIATE MARKETING: This young man started out promoting other peoples products and has expanded to offering his own products in addition. He claims since he started his online business in 1996, he has made Millions of dollars in just 8 years.
FITNESS MEMBERSHIP: This man has over 50,000 paying members in over 60 different countries that he claims is generating sales of over $1 million per year -- with an 85% profit margin.
POWERBALL: This couple took the Gyroscope and turned it into a Powerball. Their sales which were about $100,000 annually three years ago have exploded to an excess of One Million Dollars today they claim.
WINEMAKING: This is a father and son team that took a winemaking supply shop which was their hobby into a web site that they claim makes over $300,000.00 per year that they started in a shed.
ADIRONDACK CHAIRS: This couple makes chairs and outdoor cedar adirondack furniture. She said they expect to exceed a million in sales this year -- which is a long way from their original $34,000 per year when they started just 6 years ago.
PEOPLE SEARCH: The most accurate reverse look up and people search by phone or address on the web. Noah used the Insider Secrets course to build a simple website, with a few links and a basic shopping cart.
Within 4 months of launching the website, he claims he was making $8,000 per month. And last year, his sales topped $500,000.
DYSLEXIA GAMES: This couple sells Dyslexia Games on the Internet He claims sales for 2005 were 343,100.72 with over 9,578 subscribers and 1,500 visitors to his website every day. In January 2006, he says he did 70,000 in just one month!
LEFT HANDED PRODUCTS: This  person has been providing left-handed products and information for lefthanders since 1968 Over 70% of his business is now generated on the Internet. He claime he will do over do over £600,000 this year.
INTERNET DENTURIST: Based on the fact there are 35 million denture wearers in North America, this sharp Dentist claims he is making $20,000 per month and is on tract to making $250.000  this year. If someone types "affordable dentures" in Google, his site is ranked #2 and in Yahoo his site is ranked #4.
TEMPORAY TATTOOS: This lady has a course on Airbrushing Tattoos Made Easy. Using ideas from the Insider Secrets course,she built her first website which she claims now brings in $300,000 per year in sales, on average!